Panbil Nature Reserve
Escape to nature in the heart of the city
Panbil Nature Reserve
Escape to nature in the heart of the city
Panbil Nature Reserve
Escape to nature in the heart of the city
Panbil Nature Reserve
Escape to nature in the heart of the city

Panbil Nature Reserve

Panbil Nature Reserve is a natural tourism park that occupies an area of 260 hectares and is next to the premium residential area of Villa Panbil. This tourist park is an extension of the Panbil business unit which presents the theme of educational tourism in nature and is suitable for children, teenagers, to adults. 

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Panbil Nature Reserve is the best natural tourism park in the Riau Archipelago that presents an adventurous experience in nature with a variety of zones and activities of international quality. Panbil Nature Reserve actively manages the area as a form of efforts to become a center for conservation and preservation of Indonesia’s forests.

Animal Zone

There are no limits for every adventure, including interacting with the very friendly rabbit. The large rabbit park makes it easy to move around and directly feed the rabbits. Meet various of the aviary with unique and beautiful and types. Let our Macaw lean on your shoulder and feed a Sunconour Bird. Our Nature Reserve is a home for all fauna to live and breen. Including one of the rare peacocks known as the Blue Peacock or Indian Peacock. Get ready to be blown away by one of the largest Koi ponds in Batam City. Its striking colors and agile movements will spoil your eye. Join us for a thrilling experience with the various reptiles that awaits you. Interact face to face with our pythons, weighing up to 40 kg which can make you want to stay longer. 


The Panbil Nature Reserve Soft Trekking program is equipped with an educational introduction to endemic flora (semar bags, pasak bumi, forest orchids, meranti trees, nut seeds, etc.) and fauna found in forest areas. The soft trekking trip is guided by an experienced interpreter, where the trip will be taken through the deer sanctuary stock center and then enter the forest to explore which will make us feel the sensation of closeness to nature while enjoying unspoiled scenery so that it makes us feel relaxed away from the city noise. By exploring the Panbil Nature Reserve forest, visitors will be guided to do grounding therapy and maximize the 5 senses, this will make us one with nature and feel serenity with exciting stories about the existing habitat. Fresh water from the source, the sounds of nature’s inhabitants such as birds will make visitors feel peaceful and refreshed.


Interacting with various fauna is ordinary, but playing and learning is an interesting option. Not only learning, you can also capture this exciting moment with fauna and natural nuances that are a pity to miss. Accompanied by our experienced enterpreneur. Adventure, play and learn will be safe and comfortable with Us.

Panbil nature reserve activity



For a stunning island experience, discover the wonderful facilities on offer at Panbil.

During your stay with us our team is more than eager to help, assist and participate in any in-house activities, and get your Panbil Experience! Please to address them with any  activities we hope to be able to entertain. Besides our complementary in-house activities we offer trips and undertakings to make your experience more memorable!


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